Saturday, May 31, 2008

Perth Time Freeze

Awwww, missed out on the event! We were planning to go but it was pouring down like a bitch and rain, thunder and lightning the lot! We did end up going to the city though but it was too late! For those that don't know what Perth Time Freeze is, they get a whole lotta people to freeze at a specific location for like 5 minutes and they were aiming to beat the record of 3000 people. It's really funny because people that don't know about the event get confused when everyone is frozen! Read more about it here!

Here's the video from youtube, the little kid screaming is hilarious!!! Must've been scared because it saw everyone freeze at once. Poor kid now it's traumatised!! The London time freeze was pretty cool too!

The Perth Time Freeze was held on Forrest Chase at 12:00 to 12:05!

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hm said...

hahhaa too bad the weather was crap but i guess it helped add to the whole randomness thing they wanted to get