Sunday, May 18, 2008

MIS Pub Crawl 08

On friday night I went on my first Pub Crawl! :D It was organised by the people in my course, Medical Imaging. First stop, Waterford Tavern at Karawarra :) I was DD for the night but just had a girly drink at the start with my token. The first place was awesome because everyone was just catching up and talking and then we went on the bus and it was sooo much fun! Everyone was standing up and dancing and singing along to the songs on the bus.

Next stop we went to Paddy's and ...OMG...i'm an idiot...I forgot my ID...OF ALL THINGS!!! So taxi-ed it back with robster to waterford to get my ID from my car haha. We managed to arrive back in time and it was alright, not the best place. Then we headed to Eurobar and we stayed there the longest because we had two tokens each. Took heaps of pictures!

The next pub we went to ..was the crappiest out of all the places. The rock. It had gay music from some band and it was really small. The only thing that was alright at that place was a little arcade game thing that had mario and space invaders but it was really old and didn't work properly.

I think the best place was the deen and it was our last stop! The music was good and it was much bigger and had more atmosphere! After the deen, we went to a kebab place near Timezone for pizza and kebabs. Omg, that place rocks! It has really loud music and a disco ball and people were dancin and the counter person shouts "NUMBER 24444" like I'm in a game show or something! haha. We went to Timezone but didn't end up playing any games and decided to call it a night. Enough excitement for one night, drove everyone home and went to bed. Zzzzzz..

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