Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Back to uni!

It's great to be back at Uni after 4 weeks of full time work!! It was rather tiring waking up at 6:20am everymorning although it has gone by quite quickly, I must admit. The last week for me was the best because it was lazy and I got to go up to theatre to see all that blood and gory and people getting cut up and camera's going down guts and gallbladders being cut away. AND I GOT TO PRESS THE BUTTON, yes! the excitement..4 years of Uni to be a button pusher!! Or photography as some would call it. Brought in a quiche lorraine and a wildberry baked cheesecake on the last day, kinda sad and happy to get away from it all.

UNI is boring as ever, talked the entire way through the lecture, don't know why I bother going. Just for the social aspect of things, speaking of which I still need to finish off my assignments..Hmmm ...enough procrastination...Back to work!

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