Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ash's 21st

Last night, we went to a friend's 21st party. It was a 'Dress as a movie, tv show or cartoon character' theme and as I mentioned in an earlier post I bought a Supergirl costume off e-bay. It was held at a bowling club, and it was actually the function room at the back so we thought we were at the wrong place because there were normal-dressed people at the front and we were like Uhhhh.. NOT WALKING THROUGH THERE! Finally we followed these other dressed-up people who were just as confused as we were to the back where there was another door that lead to more dressed up people.

We saw some of our uni friends and I'm surprised to say the majority of people dressed up. I think there was like ONE GUY that didn't dress up and he looked like a party pooper :P. Even the adults that attended were dressed up, and her little niece as dorothy the dinosaur! Cute!

Highlights of the night
*when spiderman climbed on the roof
*The cupcake tower
*$1000 tab on the bar
*Prizes for best dressed (little medals, babywine and lollypops arranged as flowers)
*Slideshow of pictures on TV at the front

Best costumes I saw
*Uma Thurman from KILLBILL

Take a look at more pictures here.


vanessa said...

haha you both look so cool.
i love dress up parties!
btw thanks for the cold tip, i know what i'll be drinking tonight :)

Jia said...

Oooh I saw a white girl dressed up as Sailor Moon in town last night! Could it be the same event? We were singing the song, haha. She was like @_@ wtf.

So fun :)

Mai said...

there was no sailor moon sorry haha!