Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Unhappy New year

Spent new year's eve out on the front porch of yuet's house while the gloomy weather embraced us with its chilling winds and tears of rain. :P

Adam had to go to pray and agnes had ditched us for yan's party so me, weif and yuets went to the school and listened to music until Adam was ready.

The beeping started at the schOol, and the rain pelted on us almost the entire time we were driving. Went past the cove and the waves were humongously high and sprayed each car as they drove past beeping away into the silent houses that greeted us.

30 cars we counted, 10 less than last year, an extra 2 hours had been added on to my day due to the time difference so i was extra tired. By the time we reached silver city i was half asleep, went home and went to bed.

Happy New year guys, hope you all had a blast :).

The start of the year determines the rest of the year? Let's hope not.


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kahsean said...

yeah its been raining heaps in ci! ah well its only nye lol. lets jus hope 08 would be as good as 07