Sunday, January 27, 2008


My first fishing experience. (Pic stolen)
So the plan was leave at 8:30 to go fishing at Woodman Point. Me and Rob gathered up Taz and Fel and Ali decided to take their own car there.

First Stop - some deli that sells hooks and bait. SO many different sizes and shapes...so which ones were we meant to buy? Fuck knows, we're all noobs.

Once we reached there it would'v been almost 10 id say..and it's pitch black and we couldn't see a thing so we followed this path that led us back to the car park. (oh gosh) So we decided to follow some people and finally found the jetty and it was packed with people, delightful! Then we realised...we didn't have enough sinkers..doo de doo

Taz decides to lead Fel and Ali to lalaland and tells em' we've found a new fishing spot and we made them follow us all the way to the fishing shop. We bought some sinkers and the shop keeper goes "So did you catch anything?" and we had this huge plan to tell them of a great white shark we caught..but taz goes..."no, we're going to a new fishing spot" BAhhh! And then she closed her eyes and points to a random spot on the map and we headed there.

Next Stop - Walter Point..it has a nice little jetty with like not many people. We threaded our fishing rods and put the sinkers and hooks on. Fel was the first to cast and it was 11:20pm!!! lol..Then everyone was fishing and taz was the first to catch.... a blowfish. Weeee~

As the heading says it all..all we managed to catch were blowies!

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