Tuesday, September 19, 2006


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seen the new ipod nano? http://www.apple.com/ipodnano/

ahh monday yet again..... so fast ...time sure flies wen ur having fun? well a busy weeks always goes by fast than those wen u have nothing to do ... on the weekends wents to the city with rob and we bought weifs present ..for weifs 18th bday dinner on wednesday woOt...everyone turning 18 it seems!

yes earli start as per usual but but i didnt have any phys lecure or tute today (well i hope not because i sure didnt attend) so had loveli breaks...durin my human bio lecture WAS SO GON FALL ASLEEP ...hung out with rob for my 2hour break yay! ^^v. ate pretzels omg hafnt had them for ages then then had them at fels house wen we were makin masks so im like oOo yUMm..and bought em... yah

Human Bio TUTE
*drumm rolls*
yup another blog on my hb tute...
woOt we gotz to breath into the spirometer thing to measure the volume of air inspired and expired by our lungs ..and likes shyongs asthmatic and a smoker = \ wells u do this lil calculation thing and if u get above 80% ur healthy!
i got 83% woOt and shyong got 69% eeek


food for thought.
ever built ur dreams on fairytales or at least pictured ur life in a certain way onli to realise reality has much more angles...
created boundaries and followed unwritten rules and wen u dont, it seems unethical...however once u broken ur own rules, new ones are created and justified..
creating imaginary lines and once u cross those lines ...the lines becomes further away...lol..hrms no idea wat im on about... jush somethin to think about

thats all for nows.
love me xox.


hm said...

i waaaant a nano!!

kahsean said...

ooo im gonna get a nano !! GREEN one i think. think i'll get it on thurs nite wen gummy leaves. using his ticket to get it at the duty free shop =] way cheaper!!!

Anonymous said...

u humpty dumpty

Mai said...


Anonymous said...

awww shyong hahah 69% poor guy :(