Friday, September 15, 2006

MSU Masquerade Ball 2006

Just awoken from my beautiful nap due to lacck of sleep after a wonderful night at Burswood. Where shall i begin....

4 oclock...had a hair appointment at top image in wintrop near felicia's shop!! hehe.. i was going curlz !! fel printed a picture n everything hehehe...she got her fringe cut!!! soOOo CUteEee and everyone kept commentin on her hair (if u hafnt seen it lateli IT FRIGGEN LONGGGGG) and they kept askin her "are those hair extensions?" and "omg how long did it take you to grow???" *the answer is no and 2yrs btw

here's a pic of our hair ..
Just got our hair done Woot!

Natural hair extensionss

anyways the plan was to go at 5:30 to pick ppls up but likes we were late for the hairdressers and finshd at 5 which left us half n hour...and a chick cant get ready in half n hour..well mayb...for a party or somthin but like...makeup and all that shizzles...soOOoo yeahh fel was taking a longg time to get ready hEhehe...(as per usual tehehe) by the time we lefted it was likes....6:30 anyHOos caroline, fels friend, also came over and wents to shih lons house to pick him and headed to robs place after that. toOk a few pics at robs place thennn went to burswoOOdd woOt WOott exciting... parked underground...dropped stuff at hotel And entered ball room number twoooo...!~

atmosphere was nice...few performances the wheel thingy with a ppl rollin in it...apparentli they had a magician last year which sounds pretty cooL...msu crew did some dance thingy..moves were good..timing was shit.. ahh music was alrite, foOd...started off with prawns... then chicken and deserts...ok boring u with details...overally good night here's some pics.

Taz Fel me with masks

taz fel and me...check out our cooL mAAskSss
Taz Fel me without masks

without masks Ooo
me and fel made our masks!!!! yayayay!

and again us three
and us again...

Roberto and I
me and roBBbbb

Robbie n me again
robbie n i with masskks

Spot the jap chick
willo crew and leeming chick

Carolineeee All the guys would say she's mighty fine <br />

fel caroline and meh

Loving it
OMG i love this pic ...gold!


taz eyes lOOks awesome!

yeahh..enjoyz. twas an awesome night.


kahsean said...

you girls look sooo pretty!! and the masks!! loving it! =)
awww wish i had gone to the msu ball..haha oh well..always nex year and the year after lol

Robbbbb said...

The night was a good'n

Had a few good games of "wheres whitey" and "spot the curry"


hm said...

i love the masks!!! cant believe u guys made it! =D

hm said...

i love the masks!!! cant believe u guys made it! =D

Anonymous said...

u all Look siZzling HOT HOT HOT!!! cool masks too!!! post more picssss..want to see moreeeee..more moRE MORE!!!

Anonymous said...

and fel looks so CUTEEEEEEEE with the fringe