Monday, May 25, 2009

Meet my occasional pet 'Tommy'

Tommy taking a nap in the backyard

Let me introduce to you 'Tommy' my occasional pet. What is with the word occasional? Well, every now and then I get a visit from this black and white cat whom I've named Tommy. Ok, it's not my cat...but it comes over so often it might as well be, right? (I have no idea who it belongs to)

The Pros&
Cons of having an occasional pet



  • Don’t need to buy cat food
  • Don’t need to clean kitty poop
  • Don’t need to have responsibilities.
  • Short term and Cheaper than having a pet cat.
  • Don’t need to deal with the loss of the animal
  • No fur accumulation
  • No scratched furniture

  • It doesn’t come when you call its given name
  • It runs away from you in fact
  • Only get to see it occasionally
  • Don’t get to play with it

It seems the pros outweigh the cons, ahh having an occasional pet cat is better than having the real thing. I'll just need to teach it to come to me..Do you have an occasional pet?

Tommy running away from me trying to take a picture

Tommy sitting on the fence, afraid to jump into the neighbors yard because they have a dog.

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