Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gold Snakeskin Heels

Seriously, everytime I try something on from Forever New and decide to get it 'next time' it bloody disappears!! I tried on these gold snakeskin heels one lunch time at Garden City (I should not go out during my lunch breaks) and the next week BAM! they're gone! Anyhoos, I thought I'd try carousel instead and see if they had any in stock and they recommended me to go back to Garden City! Blehhh! I thought I'd try my luck again at Garden City, and they had one left in my size that the mannequin was wearing. Apparently, they weren't allowed to take stuff of the mannequin because it's like all coordinated with all the other stores or something orather! But the lady was nice and said she'll switch em with a tener and hope the boss doesn't see or that I forced her into changin them heels..! Long story short, I GOT MY GOLD SNAKESKIN HEELS WOOHOO!!!!! Gonna wear them with my black dress this Friday for the Uni Pubcrawl :)

1 comment:

suzie wuzie said...

pretty! i am bad with lunchtime shopping too.