Friday, November 26, 2010

Satsuki & Churros

Went to Satsuki & San Churros with the uni friends to celebrate the completion of our very long four year degree! Satsuki is a Japanese restaurant located in Subiaco Square just next to the train station. It is the sister restaurant to the highly successful Ha-Lu located in Mt Hawthorn which I am yet to try. This Japanese restaurant specialises in Edomae style, which is known for its attention to detail in preparation. The food was very well presented and tasty however the serving sizes were a tad tiny in comparison to the prices.

Wagyu Beef tataki

Soft shell crab with white miso sauce

Assortment of sushi

Pork Belly Kakuni

We also ordered Octopus Vinaigrette Salad, 2xChicken Karage, White Fish, Scallops 'Otukuri', Chicken with onion Vianigrette 'nanban'. The waitress recommended 2 dishes each (there was 7 of us) however it would have been really pricey, we ended up getting 11 dishes but was still hungry. So for dessert we decided to head to San Churros, which was just down the road from Satsuki.

Forget about Love, I'd rather fall into chocolate

Thick, bubbly & rich hot chocolate
Iced Chocolate
Churros fiesta!

Do you like my chocolate mo?

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