Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Awesome Festival 2010

19 - 28 November 2010

There are certainly a lot of AWESOME things occuring around the Perth CBD this week. The AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things showcases the latest contemporary arts from around the world. It aims to engage with the younger crowd however still entertaining for the adults with programs including media, film, animation, dance, sculpture and theatre. The highlight of the festival would probably be the Luminarium - Levity III which appears like a big bouncy castle in the middle of Forrest place, hard to miss. I would recommend 'Track' which is a live film performance streamed live via a projection which all happens in a sea container! Very clever and unique showcase of DIY filmmaking and street theatre.

Cup Roc - creating pictures with coloured cups

Befriending a big pretty bird sculpture
The Library of Nearly Lost Moments To capture your moment: check pockets and belongings to see if you have anything to leave behind. This might be as simple as a lolly wrapper, or an old shopping list you've been carrying around pointlessly for months. Write a story and seal in a bag to share your moments.
I liked this one.
The story of the shoe: shoe's partner was lost in Ikea and this shoe has been carried around in the bottom of a bag for months.


Fel & I left our own macaroon polaroid moment! :)

We had Mocha & Blackberry flavoured macarons & white choc cheesecake for lunch (dessert) at some cafe at the Enex100 food court.

Whilst taking many instax pictures!

On another note, we found this random street art on Hay Street. Bunny ears!

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juznie said...

Great photos! (or should I say awesome photos) Good to see the instax getting a good workout.