Monday, December 21, 2009

Board Game night

Ahhh how I miss playing board games, monopoly, guess who, connect four to name a few. Last Friday, a friend was house sitting and decided to call some friends over and we ended up playing board games all night. We played Pictionary and Cluedo and a few card games. It was such a fun night that it inspired me to buy PICTIONARY MAN!! I've been seeing it on the ads recently and another friend also mentioned it to me.

I'm so in love with my Pictionary man, it was a little digital screen at the bottom that tells you what to draw and there's a rectangular and cicular prisms? which you may also use as props! Got to play it the other night and you can get really creative; for example Rob had the word 'thief' and he drew a table with an item and erased the item! (It uses a white board marker and cloth).

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Jia said...

Or you can draw a penis and somehow Rob will guess the word 'dictator'! -_-