Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rhinstoned phone

Hmmm it's been awhile since I've last blogethed. I wanted to do some restaurant reviews but I forgot to bring my camera....so maybe later. ANyhoos... I decided to decorate my Nokia e63 with some rhinestones that my brother bought for me from taiwan and I thought it'd be easy.... but it really didn't turn out all that well....

If you look closely you can see where I've started and stopped and started again...ew
and the sides are crappy.. they don't align and if i cover it all, I won't be able to remove the back piece.
It looks alright from a far far distance...i suppose... or like close your eyes.

I haven't worked on the front just yet. Not sure if I should actually continue... Maybe I should just purchase a rhinestone case!Found this casing on ebay!!! I WANT!!! Isn't beautiful??!!

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FeLLi said...

hey chickadee!!! KOOL!!! omg i bought a eee pc and i bought HEAPS OF cabochons shaped as desserts from etsy and im gonna deco my laptop!!! baHAhAha!!! and wen i get a fone imma gonna deco that as well!!! XD wow so many posts now hehehe making up for lost time eh? XD LURVE U!!!