Friday, September 25, 2009

Bunny Exercise

I have the world's laziest bunny ever. Half the time I see it lying down and the other half, it's eating. Anyways, it was a nice sunny day outside so I decided to take my bunny for a run in the backyard. Take it out, place it on the lawn and it just sits there.

My fat bundle of joy :D
I never realised how fat it's gotten.

Finally I managed to make it move, it is the slowest rabbit I've ever seen. Check out the video:

After I decided to take it back in because it's fur was getting a bit warm and place it in his playpen and first thing he does, Lies DOWN!!!

I love my snowflake <3

1 comment:

yuetsssssssssss said...

thats one fat rabbit there...it's like the size of dino!