Saturday, July 11, 2009

Food review: Perth Dae Jung Kum - Korean Restaurant

I've been on practical at Mercy Hospital for the last three weeks, (one more week to go!), and the boss there has a Korean wife so he recommended the Korean restaurant on Francis St in Northbridge and I decided to take my Mummy there to try it out!

It was fairly quiet when we went because it was like 2 in the afternoon however I hear it gets pretty busy in the evenings.

We ordered KimChi Stew and Steamed Spanish Mackerel and it was damn delicious!! 3 Side dishes were also given to us, spicy kimchi, water chest nut & bean sprouts, but I'm not sure which meal it came with? Only thing I didn't like was the bean sprout dish because I hate bean sprouts with a passion! There was so much food and it was fairly cheap!! Highly recommend the place!

Steamed Spanish Mackerel

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