Saturday, June 07, 2008

Good Deeds II

There's something about good deeds. It's not the fact that by doing good deeds it makes you feel good inside (that's just a bonus) but it just assures people that there actually is someone out there that cares. These random act of kindness might just brighten up someone else's day. This time, it's not me that actually did the good deed.

Today we went to KFC for lunch, and we just minding our own business and eating our Zinger burger and 2 piece feed when this man was walking to each table and asking a question. He finally came to our table and asked rather politely,

"Could you do me a small favour please? If you have any loose change you could kindly give me?"

But unfortunately, we didn't have loose change and used our cards to purchase lunch so we apologized and he went to his next table. It was the fifth table, the one next to ours where he asked the exact same question and this man on the fifth table asked him if he needed the change for lunch. The man said yes. So the man that was eating said, " Sure I'll treat you to lunch". The man politely asked, "What can you afford?" And the man from the fifth table replied, "Pick anything from the menu, my friend" And I thought WHAT A NICE MAN HE WAS!!!! WE NEED MORE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD OUT THERE LIKE HIM! HE'S SO INSPIRATIONAL! IT MAKES ME WANNA DO A GOOD DEED! I wish I had the initiative to purchase the poor man lunch, but it didn't come to mind and he was asking for loose change which we didn't have. I just thought it was sad that so many people turned him away. I'm sure the tables around him were thinking the same thing, what a damn nice man! Food for thought.


kahsean said...

wow, u wudnt expect that to happen everyday.

hm said...

i get a warm glowing feeling everytime i hear about these random acts of kindness. nice to see there are decent people out there! should teach us a thing or two..