Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Doing the Karen Cheng

I felt complied to write an entry on the facebook group that Karen Cheng created called "Doing the Karen Cheng". Quite a neat idea I must say, everybody loves pictures in this day and age. Previously classified by me as the 'Myspace picture', (term usage: Omg that is such a myspace picture!), it is now known as 'The Karen Cheng'. For those of youse that don't know what either term means, it's basically taking a picture of yourself in front of a mirror. I guess the differentiation between a 'Myspace picture' and 'The Karen Cheng' is that there are some guidelines that need to be abided which is mentioned here. Check out all the cool pictures that everyone else have posted here.


hm said...

ahha i think im gonna post up a 'doing the karen cheng' pic in that facebook group soon!

suzie wuzie said...

nice picture and a nice dress! did you end up buying it?

Mai said...

haha yes :)