Sunday, April 27, 2008

Coffee and Cake

On Saturday afternoon, I went to the Merchant Tea and Coffee House in Fremantle with a couple of friends from Uni. We were meant to go to Norfolk Pub but we just wanted some coffee and cake so we decided to look around for a cafe. We all sat down and ordered our food, I don't think anyone actually ended up getting coffee. I must admit the food there wasn't spectacular, I ordered hot chocolate and a choc mint fudge cake which was alright. My friend who loves her Chai Lattes said that they make the worse Chai lattes ever!! Although we did sneak over to Dome next door to take away carrot cake, that was delicious!

The best cakes are at utopia, Myaree! I also like their bread selections, reminds me of the bakeries in Singapore. The evening ended up in timezone where we took a couple of photo stickers and we won a Minnie mouse toy.

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