Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another smash into the window story

So I could hear this tapping noise in the background whilst i was in my room, on the computer. I thought it might've been the neighbors or something, so I head out of my room to see what was going on and I see this bird just flying straight into the door/window and like walking in a circle and *SMACK* back into the window again. So I'm standing there watching it flying into the window AGAIN and AGAIN like must've been over 10 times or 20 times. So i go and grab my camera phone and decided to film, hence the bad quality and yeah don't have much memory so the video cut out on me. BUT, as you can see, I managed to catch it smashin itself three times agains the glass door/window. DOESNT IT LEARN THE FIRST TIME ROUND?? haha..

Btw, I decided to walk up to the window to scare it away so it doesn't get brain damage.


hm said...

hahahah poor thing!

suzie wuzie said...

silly bird! at least it's not one of those endangered birds!

Anonymous said...

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FeLLi said...

whoaaaaaaaa thats so koollllll but so painful to watch at the same time O_o" ahhaha LUV UUUUUU MY DARLINGGGGGG *HUGGLESSSSS* miss u