Monday, December 04, 2006

Where the hood at



It was a Wednesday and there had been like two dmx ticket giveaway competitions that I had entered previously and the third one had just came out the other day and I was like bahh..not gonz win anyways so I didn't bother entering it, THEN I GOT A MESSAGE FROM THIS GUY FROM DESI (indian society holdin the competition which tarun persuaded me to join at udub open day) SAYING I WON A DOUBLE PASS TO THE DMX CONCERT!!!!

Mmyess...so I already promised to take Rob because he entered the competition too and whoever wins take the other soo yesterdayy...went to metros city to see DMXxxx......
The desi guy calld saying I was to collect the tickets at the door and askd if I had any questions and since daylight saving had just start at 3am on a Sunday, I wasn't sure what time the show started...but yeah it was ...at 8 (but 7 oldtime hehe), the sun was like still out felt so weird!

At the start there was like not very many people and it slowly started to fill up until like the second and third floor was also packed with people (which was initially closed off). There was other lil' side supporting people before DMX actually went on stage...he didn't get on until like 10:40pm.

I only know like 4 or so of his songs o.O but hey a free ticket is a free ticket! It costed 90bucks at the door ! but the normal tix are like 83 so yeah... the ladder type thing at the side of the stage...he started climbing up that and everyone was like w.t.f. and he started singin from up there Lol that was pretty cool...and some girl grabbed and kissed his bald head! Um other things...he took some bottle of wine from the crowd and sipped it and passed it along...gross.. there was some pretty weird people standin in front of us... like really into the music n stuff o.O one probli popped a pill and fully singing and the other guy was nerdy and kept crossin his arms...representing...x... weirrrrrddddd...

The after party was at ruby room ahah, theres gon be like 1000 or so people turnin up there...funny...Ummm ..oh yeah everyone had their camera phones out filming it...so did rob which is where the pics are from..screens of the video haha ...my fone sucks..so left it in the cloakroom .. oh there was one song where he told ppl to light up the place with wateva they had (lighters, torches, phones, etc)...and it was prettyfull... yeah overally a good and fun night =D i kno rob enjoyed it ^^;

over n out...

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kahsean said...

oooo lucky u mai!

haha he climbed up the ladder. wow!