Monday, December 25, 2006

A night to remember

What a beautiful night it was. :D
Spent xmas eve at Robs.
Game of xbox whilst waiting for the sun to go down a bit so we could have a lovely candlelit dinner. ROB cookd dinner for meee, how sweet! Had yummy crumbed chicken and mash potatoes and trumpet ice cream for dessert! Followed by a xmen movie session :D and glowstick fun!
Rob gave me a lovely matching necklace and bracelet for xmas :D totally love em'.
Had an absolute ball!
Definetly, a night to remember.
Merry xmas yall. <3


hm said...

awww how sweet =)

merry christmas!!

Robbbbb said...

hehehe was seriously one of the best nights everrr ^^,
i had sooooo much funnnnn heheh
Thanks for the prezzies
Hope u liked the prezzies i gave ya ^^,
love ya

YuehLai said...

huoymin took my line!!!
"awwwww how sweett" =) u guys look adorable!!! merry christmas to u both!! have a good one!!

kahsean said...

how cute n he can cook!! ahhaha
merry xmas to the both of u!! =D