Friday, October 07, 2011

Cheesy Friday

Today was the last day for the students working at Shents so they made some Brownies and we decided earlier that some of us would bring in some food as well so we could have a little tea party at work. Two girls brought in two different types of brownies and I decided to bring in a cheese platter. Got a little bit carried away and went Thursday night shopping and bought some beautiful Maxwell & Williams dinnerware and cutlery for cheese platters. Plated up three different types of cheese with crackers and mini toasts and garnished it with a fanned homegrown strawberry. Pictures below!

Cheese platter with M&W white basics bamboo

Finished product.

Fanned Homegrown Strawberry

My fanned homegrown strawberry, oops should've snipped off the stalk.

Brie, Apricot&Almond & Cheddar

Brie, Apricot & Almond Cream Cheese and Cheddar

Crackers & Mini toasts & cheese knife

Crackers & Mini toasts.

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