Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy year of the rabbit!

I am back from the land of Canberra! Had a blast there, attended my friend's 21st which was really lovely held in a garden area decorated with fairy lights and paper lanterns and pom poms.

Spent my 23rd in Canberra, had bacon & eggs for breakfast made by the lovely boyfriend and then had the loveliest time exploring the city with some friends, went to the War memorial, the new Parliament house and visited the National Portrait Gallery.

The Martin Schoeller: Close up exhibition was on which was really good. He takes extreme close up pictures of celebrities and some non-celebrities. It was a very busy day so we went to Koko black to chill out and have some of the best chocolates I've ever had.

We had the Summer spoil for two which consisted of passionfruit sorbett, strawberry salad, chocolate mousse, orange poppy seed muffin and two mouth watering chocolates - passion and candied orange.

After dropping off a friend at the airport we headed to The Deck at Regatta Point which by the way has the most gorgeous view of the lake burley griffin, the national gallery and the parliament house. Met up with some friends, such a beautiful place and we had sangria and stayed there til' night. It was such a good birthday, thoroughly enjoyed it!

Photo courtesy of The Deck

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