Saturday, December 18, 2010

All I want for Christmas

I have been on Christmas Island for the past week, and the weather was miserably grey almost the entire time Robbie & I were there however it was sunny on the day that we left. Fantastic! We did, however, manage to go snorkelling at Lily Beach three days in a row! Not as great as Flying Fish Cove reefs but there were still some fishes to see. The jetty was closed due to the bad swell season. Pretty decent week despite the rain, very relaxing atmosphere on the island.

And more fishes.

Brown Booby Bird.

The famous red crab.


juznie said...

Nice travel pics :) especially of you guys snorkelling and the cute red crab, would love to see them in full migration...

Mai said...

Thanks Juznie! Crab migration, definitely a sight to see but tickets to Christmas Island are very pricey! :)

suzie wuzie said...

nice underwater photos!