Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spring and jumping shots

Warning: Bombardment of photos!

The pictures were taken last weekend at Kingspark showcasing all their native wildflowers. I Love Spring. And jumping shots. Photos taken with the Diana Mini with a film speed of 200.

Preparing to jump
Jumping shot

Springtime at Kingspark
Gorgeous native plant at KP
Kingparks/City view
Eternal flame/war memorial
Flower photos & kite flying


juznie said...

Great shots! Doesn't Kings park look smashing at the moment?

FeLLi said...

wowwwww ur pics are so prettifulll!!! u must teach me ur lomo skills wen ur free!!! =D
much love <3

Mai said...

@juznie: thanks! It sure looks amazing, love your KP pictures on your blog

@Felli: Thanks babe, how's your fisheye going? <3 youuuuuu