Monday, August 30, 2010

Lunch at Jean Pierre Sancho

Lovely Fel & I

Finally got to visit Jean Pierre Sancho with the lovely Fel, on the corner of Hay Street and Shafto Lane. This little french cafe made me feel like I was in Paris again with the delicate pattiseries and the french staff with their uppish attitude. Don't get me wrong, loved the experience and the food was enjoyable. The flavoured macarons were a treat and the potato & tomato soup was amazingly creamy and I wanted more when I was done. The soup-to-bread ratio was not nearly enough but I would have it again. We also tried some layered meringue & cream dessert (not sure what it was called-something in French) that was quite delicious. The decor was simple yet beautiful with the vintage looking furniture, chandelier and beautiful crafted framed mirrors reflecting a French ambiance. If you're looking for a new cafe to try, I would recommend it.

Flavoured Macarons
Crafty soup in bread - Love it

Layered Meringue & chocolate cream


suzie wuzie said...

My favourite flavour macaroon is the caramel one! Yummm

Mai said...

Didn't try the caramel one. My fav was the chocolate one :D