Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fel's Tea Party!

Miniature treats, pretty cups and saucers and beautiful cupcakes for dessert pretty much described the wonderful tea party at Felicia's on Saturday. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday and everyone wore their favourite summer dresses and brought along their favourite teddy bears to celebrate. We spent a lovely afternoon sipping on tea, nibbling on food and chatted & laughed away.

I love the cupcake tower.
Yummy Strawberry&Cream Green tea & Strawberry babycake
These star decors lit up the atmosphere!

Fel's special loveheart shaped tea accessories! Very cute!

Cupcake tower view.

Kobe came along to join the fun


Par said...

Sometimes I wonder how these people find these cute nice stuff. Love the heart shape tea pot stuff.


wow, what fun !

Mai said...

Hey the brand of the heart shape tea pot stuff is wagokoroya! It's from Japan.. :D