Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mavis' Amateur Bikini Guide 2008!

I spotted a bikini guide on ninemsn and I thought it’d be a fun idea to make one myself.
Behold, Mavis’ Amateur Bikini guide 2008.

1. They say every girl should own a LBD (Little black dress) and this can also be applied to bikini-wear. I shall call it the LBB (Little black bikini).

2. For the not-so-bulimic, above average, curvy mamas, you could try a sexy one-piece, accentuating the cleavage area.

3. Apple Bottoms? No worries, go for something a bit darker, also try smaller bottoms rather than large, because it will give the illusion of a greater surface area.

4. Winter fat causing you not the hit the beaches? Ease your way into summer with a sexy tankini!

5. Boob-less much? Get some padded bikinis or one that provides a lift/support which can really add some volume to that flat chest of yours. That or breast implants.

6. Large breasts? Flaunt it, cause we’re all envious :P Halter necks are flattering for the boobilicious. Or anything really.

7. Looking for some curves? Add some ruffles or bow ties to the bikini bottoms. Giving the appearance of wider hips. Or add some fries to your meal.

Tip for Summer: why not get an adorable looking kaftan for when you get out of the water for some fish and chips and some fresh air.

Thanks for reading! Pictures courtesy of google.com and Divalookbook.

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