Friday, September 05, 2008

Masquerade prep

So i have this rivercruise/ball coming up for my course...although it's not until October...but i'm all excited and decided to go shopping on ebay...and you know how that is like.. ."I'll just look..."

..and you end up buying all of ebay!
I'm really into the colour turquoise/teal at the moment so I was going for that kinda theme! I bought the peacock feathered mask and a similar colour dress to go with it! Can't wait til it arrives, cept I'm still stuck in geraldton for the next two weeks and a bit so it'll arrive before I head back to Perth, damnit!
I got rob into it as well.. and we decided to get him a jester's mask which looks really good!

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FeLLi said...

WOW!!! cant wait to see ur sexy pics!!! X) YES!!! i agree its been WAYYYY too long!!! i still have ur bday present!!! >_<" hope ur having a awesome time in geraldton!!! kekeke miss u my sexy baby!!! *MUAKZZZZZ*
lurveeeeeee uuuu *reow* hahahaha