Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lazy me

Arghhh .. so it's been almost 2 weeks since I've come back from my Europe trip and I haven't posted any entries up but i will do when i get back to Perth. Right now escaping the winter on Christmas Island and catching up with the paros and friends. My camera doesn't wanna load onto the computer so no piccies!!

Short update:

London: I loved it, wouldn't mind living there. People are friendly, weather was reasonably pleasant while I was there. Great train system.

Paris: Lovely architecture, absolutely beautiful but disliked the bad traffic and some of the people were rude, having said that there were some helpful people as well. Yummy food :)

Enjoy the rest of the holidays while you still can, back to Uni on Monday! woo!~


suzie wuzie said...

hey can't wait for you to do a post about them! i saw your facebook pictures and paris and london looks exciting. i'm hoping to go there in the next 3 years to work :)

FeLLi said...

MAI MAIIIIIIIII!!! long time no hear!!! *huggles* hahahah damn ur lucky im freezing my @$$ off here and last week weather was so crazy MASS trees fell down and even my back yard fence and peoples tiles flew of was SCARY MAN!!! tot there was cyclone!!! @_@" ahhahha anihoos hope ur having a AWESOME TIMEEEEE!!! MIS YAS HEAPS AND HEAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSS!!! X)

Mai said...

haha yeah wasn't there a mini tornado near our place like booragoon/melville/leeming area ? luckily nothing dramatic just like 20 traffic light blackouts and a couple of fallen branches hehe..