Saturday, February 09, 2008

CNY - just because everyone else wrote about it

Welcome to the year of the rat! My brother is a rat and he graduated this year :O! Moving along.. I had to work on Chinese New year, because in Perth, it is not a public holiday. booo~

After a long day's work, went with the family to have dinner at Auntie Ceiling's place. Her little son is so cute, he's like 6 and he has this mini lion dance head and he was running around the house!!

Then we went to visit a couple of houses, aka ANG PAO HUNTING!! for me anyways, poor parents had to give ang paos while i gained! Ok, hm - chinese new year ain't all about the ang paos! ITS ABOUT THE ANG PAOS AND THE YUMMY YUMMY FOOD!!! I love those pineapple tarts :D so delicious

weee!~ I have 12 ang paos so far which is very impressive considering this is Perth@! Thanks to the paros :D

Dad got chocolate money from Burswood haha loox awesome! Happy new year - Gong xi fa chai and hope everyone has an excellent new year!


kahsean said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you too!!

omg i loveeeeeee the pineapple biscuits!

YuehLai said...

XIn nian kuai le maibumm!!

hm said...

12 ANGPAOS!?!??
ive only got 5 so far lol

suzie wuzie said...

OMG you scored all the angpaos!! I only have 3... :(