Saturday, June 09, 2007

Viva la vie Paré

Little rich spoilt bitch.. :D

Paris sentenced to 45 days in jail for it gets cut down to 23 due to "good behaviour" and then after 3 days get released for a medical condition that was meant to be claustophobia !!! but yay she's back in jail bitches! servng 45 days :D damn media whore..

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kahsean said...

ahhaha she deserves it! every girl requires some bad therapy in their life =)

Jia said...

Apparently she hasn't had anything to eat or drink in 3 days, coz she's scared the guards will take a picture of her using the toilet and post it on the net...


Mai said...

lol yeh heard that on the radio... and something having 50 cupcakes sent to her house coz she got out of jail but didnt get to eat them coz she got snt back in!

hm said...

love but hate paris hilton... that walking piece of entertainment.
cant believe the amount of news coverage devoted to her jail sentence.