Friday, May 18, 2007

Table for two

So Rob promises to take me out for dinner with his first pay slip (He got a job at Booragoon Radiology as an x-ray assistant), and guess what came in the mail today :)

We decided to head to Nicholson's Bar and Grill cept' it's a Friday night and it's jam packed with white drunks, well... lots of people ^^;. So off we went to Carousel with a choice of Foundry, Han's Cafe, Box 3 or Fast Eddys. Rob didn't feel like asian (I feel asian all the time keke) so we chose to dine at Foundry :D.

I had Thai beef salad and Rob stuck with the familiar, chicken parmajiana =] both dishes were Yummo!~ After our wonderful meal we went to leisure island to have a game of Big Buck Hunter which we're hooked on atm (first it was daytona) but before that i was randomly shootin some other game,...AND GOT A FREE GAME! someone mustv not finshd off their game or sumfink.. we got 5 tickets altogether from it keke (I BEAT ROB, lawl) but he didnt realise u had to aim for the star... Oh but he won the Buck huntin game :P But i nearly won!

Had a beautiful night and went back to rob's to watch his sister do 124 hula hoopies. weee!

Thanks babe, you're gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good night
I had so much fun~

Love youuuu =]

kahsean said...

awww sounds like u guys had an awesome nite!

YuehLai said...

how sweettt!! wheres my treat rob? =DDD jk glad u guys had a great nite!!

hm said...

niiiice =D

vanessa said...

cuuuute! so romantic of him to treat u with his 1st paycheck!