Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Whole bunch of random stuff ...

Me n rob went pet shop hunting... well two pet shops... i want a rabbit next year I WANT A DWARF LOP look at their ears soooo cuteeee!!!! its like saying "take mee homeeee" Bahhh i wantt!

My 800 dollar dent that i crashed last year and have been lazy to fixed has been fixed bout a year and 7 months later :D


Spanking-New XD~

Watched Eragon last night, from some young adult fantasy book; not too bad i spose :D there was some funny bits :D



Ever wanted to be older? younger? another race? or a cartoon character? well this site makes ur fantasies come true lol! check it out

http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e113/robrahman/lol1.jpg <--- RObert hehehe

Oakley Designer Glasses, Oh-so-expenso but Oh-so-prettio XD (didnt buy them, just saw em on ebay)

Other links..for the bored

http://img59.echo.cx/img59/2305/incoming5xr.jpg Cute bby

http://weebls-stuff.com/toons/The+Poo+and+Wee+Song/ Poo n Wee song

http://www.tongcom.co.kr/dingani_13.htm <== CLICK MERRY XMAS EvERYONE


Robbbbb said...

u got just bout all those links from me :( lol
That face thingo is radddd ^^v

kahsean said...

ahha that dent! LOL

omg dat site that changes how u look is hell funny!

hm said...

hahhaa that face transformer... awesome stuff!!

YuehLai said...

everione said it for me!!! lol that face transformer was wikid!!! n that bunny..hes o so cuteeeeee!!!!